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ONLUS (non-profit organisation) – voluntary organisation that supports orphaned and disabled children and young adults.

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Sandie and Bruce Tanner, Americans from Ohio, arrived in the Spital in Nicoresti in 1991. Here they were affronted with horrifying scenes, with 150 children grouped together in huge rooms, chained to beds, abandoned in nauseating dirt, without medical care or assistance, often victims of various forms of violence.


After 2 years of helping these children, Sandie and Bruce understood that the only way to save them from death and abuse was to take them out of the Spital. There began the painful decision, making anxious choices, pointing the finger at who should be saved from hell, and they started saving the first of the kids.
And so, after 2 years of working in the Spital, the two Americans created the first group home to save the lives of these children, starting up the Romanian non-profit organisation, Tanner Mission.


One of the main supporters and architects of “Tanner Mission” has always been Conor Hughes: Irish, 50 year old, owner of a music shop, composer and member of the band “Willin’ fools” (who have already played over 150 fundraising concerts in Italy for Noiperloro). Conor and Ettore met in Ireland in 2000, when Ettore was working, again as a volunteer, in a homeless community : “Simon Community”. From this encounter the desire to fully embrace the projects in Tanner Mission began. In Ireland, Conor managed to set up a non-profit organisation “Crosscause”, and in Romania, thanks to his foundation he built casa Bridget, which was the start of the non-profit organisation “Bunul Samaritean”. Ettore and Eithne Barion, arrived in Romania in 2001, co-involving their families and friends and through them “Noiperloro Onlus-Odv” began. And so Tanner Mission, Crosscause and Noiperloro all work together for the single main project, of helping these children and adults, disabled and abandoned, outreaching to the old and alone, and supporting poor families with many children.