The workshop

Casa Jacob is our workshop

Built in 2003,much encouraged by Ettore and Eithne¬, “casa Jacob”, has become the centre of many of the activities of our mission. Many of the disabled children saved from the Romanian orphanages, through time have grown into young adults. Also their needs have matured and developed. Hence, in 2001 it was realised necessary to open a workshop giving the possibility to be active and creative, and offering the dignity of a chance to work. After working for two years in a tiny room, through a donation received from a co-operation in Parma, we got the permission to build “Casa Jacob”, our workshop (and multifunctional centre).

Around twenty disabled young adults work here from Monday to Friday, in three main activities:

  • Woodwork
  • Making Christmas cards and other greeting cards
  • Cross-sticth

All our products are sold, mainly in Ireland and Italy. At the moment the workshop is completely self-sufficient paying for its own electricity, heating, raw materials and tools.

The dignity and pride of those working in the workshop is immense. They had never previously thought themselves capable of creating anything, and are now infact amazed by what they are able to do with their own hands.

On Saturday afternoons, the centre is used for birthday parties with cakes and many games. And then for the Christmas party, Thanksgiving, Friday night cinema, Hallowe’en, and many other occasions to celebrate together, encouraged by the inexhaustible enthusiasm of these fantastic young adults.

Sunday morning, the room becomes our church for a simple religious function, where, after reading the Bible and a few songs, the kids through prayer transform their suffering to a joy of living.

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