Since 2016 we have been involved in Ghana, ready to undertake and embrace new projects, aware of being a precious “Instrument” to reach, improve and sometimes save the lives of others.

After different micro-projects helping in a school and in a hospital we built and opened an ophthalmological clinic.

Centro Xorladi

Between 2020 and 2022, together with our partner Crosscause, we dreamed and opened Xorladi centre, a centre made of group homes housing children and young adults, orphaned and abandoned and with disabilities.

The name comes from Xorladi, a girl that we met in 2018, whom we started to look after and whom unfortunately has since passed away, sick with HIV and abandoned from her own family. In thinking about her, and many other children like her, orphaned and abandoned with a sickness or a disability, we understood the need and decided to create Xorladi centre.

Location: Sokode Gbogame, near Ho in the Volta Region, Ghana.
Partners: Crosscause, Sister Mary of the Church


The adoption that we propose is a support offered to the entire community of children.

Noiperloro desires to encourage the adoption of all the children living in Xorladi centre, through collective support, this allows all the children (and not just to a select few) to understand family, and to feel cared for and protected. The association will provide more detailed information privately to those that donate.

A small gesture which can really make a huge difference in their lives.

Starting distance adoption signifies giving a small, steady and continuous contribution allowing:
  • adequate food and health needs to be provided for;
  • the possibility to grow in a protected environment;
  • adequate care and necessary physiotherapy
  • schooling
  • a family offering a nest of love.

Adopt donating 0.65 a day, monthly €20

Adopt donating 1.65 a day, montly €50

For further information:
  • Marisa 328 7018410
  • Federica 339 5982919