Noiperloro Noiperloro was established as a Voluntary organisation on the 22nd of October, 2004 It’s primary objective was to offer moral and financial support to a project which had already begun in Romania. Some friends decided to help Eithne and Ettore Barion who were involved since 2001 with the Tanner Romania foundation,in a mission that looks after children and young adults, orphans or abandoned, with varying disabilities, some also bedridden, hosting them in family group homes.

Since then we continue to support these children whom in the meantime have become young adults and they will always be with us. And we shall be with them (noi-per-loro), as it is in a family.

Through the years the projects have grown, we have brought aid and have built a village for families in difficulty, created a workshop for all of our residents and a day centre for children and teenagers from disadvantaged families.

How you can help

We decided to welcome new proposals from other parts of the world, aware of the potential in being a precious instrument that could reach, improve and sometimes even save the lives of many people.

Since 2016 we have been involved in Ghana, where after the fulfillment of various micro-projects and the establishment of an opthamological clinic, in 2022 we built and opened Xorladi Centre. This has the same aim as our original mission: to welcome children that are in extreme need.

Right from the begining Noiperloro became very active in Italy in gathering funds and in spreading awareness, in support of all the projects undertaken, still existing and those that require a continual monthly budget. At the moment we have around a hundred members, and a very active group of volunteers that are involved in fund raising and in organising events.

In conclusion, through the years we have arrived at this awareness which has become our mission. That of being a family to the children and young adults that are in serious need and live in disadvantaged countries, by embracing the involvement of friends and volunteers, with love and affection, and by respecting the culture and professionality of the people where we are involved.