The italian Side

Noiperloro has two hearts: The Romanian heart and the Italian heart.

Noiperloro, other than being present and looking after the lads in our group homes in Nicoresti, is infact very active in Italy in fund-raising and increasing awareness and sensitization, gathering support for the projects in Romania. The various activities range from market stalls to charity dinners, from concerts (many of which are organised through the collaboration with the Irish band Willin’ fools) to moments of increasing awareness, from private initiatives to schools and parish groups, and applying for grant requests to private and public companies.


The market stalls occur during the summer in the north Garda area, and coming up to Easter and Christmas. The market stalls are an efficient instrument, not only in gathering funds, but also in increasing awareness of our projects. Through photos, leaflets and newsletters our volunteers present the various projects to those who visit the stalls. Our stalls are also an effective way of selling some of our products made from the disabled children in our workshop in Romania.


A very important activity that has been going on for the last 15 years, are the charity concerts. A close collaboration has been developed particularly with the Irish band, “Willin Fools”. Conor Hughes, apart from being the founder of Crosscause, and the owner of a music shop has also put this band together, which unites traditional Irish music, Rock and popular tunes. Their rhythm normally get the crowd going, enthusiastically encouraging the people to dance and have fun. They guarantee success, and an average of 10 concert a year speaks for itself. The rhythm of the Irish music and dance, colours the charity with bright and joyful colours, and with a loving happy spirit.


Every year, at the beginning of December, we send a truck to Nicoresti full of clothes, food and equipment. These packages help to keep management costs low in Romania, where instead of having to go and buy food and clothes we get them supplied for free though Italian donations.

  • Games and school supplies
  • Food (biscuits, jam, cereal, pasta, rice, sauce, flour, oil, sugar, coffee, tined vegetables)
  • Shampoo, tooth paste, shower gel
  • Shoes and slippers
  • Tables and chairs
  • Televisions (also used)
  • Computers (also used)

They have become annual appointments, thanks to friends that offer their restaurants and hotels for organising charity dinners, where between 50 to 100 people come. A happy and lively way to spend the evening together, whilst eating a tasty meal, having fun with music, entertainment and a raffle, and above all with our thoughts going to those people in Nicoresti.

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