Helping the poor

Since the very beginning our attention has also been concentrated outside the mission, following and helping many people that live in difficulty in the surrounding area of Nicoresti.

Helping with primary needs: distributing clothes, food and wood for heating; in the medical field we supply medicine, and financial support for hospital fees and helping those with disabled living at home. In the construction field we help people with renovations, repairing roofs, extensions and give financial support for connecting electricity.

The blue village

Blue village was built between 2007 and 2009 and it is a project which helps the poor in the area. It is made up of 18 houses, with a small garden and vegetable patch, where different families live. The houses were given to these families for a five year trial period. In 2014, 13 families officially became their home owners. This project was realised thanks to the support from many Italian families and companies.


Many houses within Nicoresti were still left without electricity, and many families had asked the mission for financial support to pay for the connection fee of this precious good. After different sporadic interventions, this project was realised between 2010 and 2011, supplying electricity to almost 50 families, “alighting their lives”.

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