One important project which has been immensely successful is that of the Day Centre. This was started by Noiperloro funded by Italian donations.

This project began in March 2007, with the aim of helping 40 children coming from difficult homes and poverty. The objective is to offer support to the families so as the children will not be put through the possible trauma of being abandoned, and also to offer them a brighter future, with a well-rounded education which touches all aspects of life, hygienic, alimentary and schooling.

The Day Centre is found on the grounds of casa Bridget.

Here, the children and teenagers, aged between 6 and 13, are welcomed by two “mums” that prepare a warm meal, then they go to brush their teeth and twice a week they have a shower, if there is need they are offered clothes and shoes. Then the school activity begins, and computer classes, supervised by two teachers. Then there is free time to play, and before they are all brought home they are given something else to eat, in that way we are sure that they won’t go to bed on an empty stomach.

The project, although subject to initial distrust, has been immensely successful and is now much appreciated by the local authorities, by the local school and by many families.

But it is the children and lads that show the greatest enthusiasm, they love coming to the centre where they find a warm and welcoming environment. Many are proud to go back to school clean and well dressed, with their homework done, and above all with a brighter hope for the future.

Obviously within the day centre we have some difficult situations. Alongside the carers and teachers we have a part time psychologist on the team, who is present in the day centre. This doesn’t get us down, as it was specifically for these kids that we began this project originally, offering a possibility to those who didn’t have one.

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