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ONLUS (non-profit organisation) – voluntary organisation that supports orphaned and disabled children and young adults.

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The Groups Home

The group homes, found in the rural village of Nicoresti are:
casa ELISABETA, casa HANNAH, casa RACHEL and casa BRIDGET.

Casa Elisabeth was the first group home. It arose in 1995, thanks to Sandie and Bruce Tanner, to rescue many children from death and abuse, children who been abandoned due to their disabilities in the Spital, in Nicoresti.

Between 1995 and 2003 with help from “Crosscause” and support from “Noiperloro”, other group homes were opened, where 40 people now live. Children, young and old, all without their own families and all with varying degrees of disability have found their real family within these homes.

Amongst these homes is casa Hannah, an inspiring place, which homes 9 severely disabled children and young adults, who are in need of 24/7 care and support.

The homes have a warm and happy atmosphere. Thanks to the Romanian workers and to the volunteers, supervised and run by Sandie and Bruce, by Conor, by Claire, by Ettore and Eithne, all the kids have found their real family which provides, as well as any needed assistance, all the required affection and security.

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