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ONLUS (non-profit organisation) – voluntary organisation that supports orphaned and disabled children and young adults.

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Ophthamological clinic

In March 2020, the ophthalmological clinic was inaugurated in Ghana, in Ho, in the Volta region.

An ambitious project that is part of our mission to reach, save and improve the lives and existence of many people who are in need and in poverty.
Entirely funded by Noiperloro Odv and built with our local partner Crosscause Ghana, the work started in February 2019 and was completed a year after. On the 6th of March 2020, the clinic was inaugurated in front of the local authorities, the village chiefs, various personalities and television reporters that wanted to highlight this work. The clinic will be administered by Lilimed Medical Center, Noiperloro's longtime partner in Ghana.
The clinic will serve a vast region of Ghana and will become a point of reference in treating and diagnosing all eye diseases, offering an ophthalmological service, providing glasses and important ophthalmic surgery within the two operating rooms.

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