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ONLUS (non-profit organisation) – voluntary organisation that supports orphaned and disabled children and young adults.

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Who we are

Our non-profit organisation began in 2004, offering moral and financial support from Italy to a group of people, close and dear to us, dedicated in Romania.


Our Projects

We promote many projects helping those in need living in our group homes, providing them with their primary needs, medical care and visits and education.


Activity in Italy

Noiperloro is a very active non-profit organisation in Italy, involved in fundraising and increasing awareness, supporting the various projects existing in Romania.


Noiperloro - ONLUS

How to help

Would you like to help? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

There are different ways to support our projects:

  • Bank transfer
  • Becoming a member
  • Donating your 5 out of 1000 to us, in your tax declaration
  • Participating in our events or organising a fundraiser.



The actual projects run by Noiperloro.

Noiperloro - Groups Home

Groups Home

There are 4 homes:

Casa Elisabeth, Casa Rachel, casa Hannah, casa Bridget.


Noiperloro - Day Centre

Day Centre

Helps up to 40 children.

Offers hot meals, clothes, school education.


Noiperloro - Ghana Project

Ghana Project

Twined with Cross Cause

Since 2016 small specific helpful projects.